CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Halloween is right around the corner, but what if you don’t have an idea for a costume?

Most of these last-minute costume ideas can be created from items that you most likely will have lying around the house or can be completed with one or two items that you can buy online just in time for Halloween.

If you are running out of ideas for a Halloween costume for either yourself or your kids, The Pioneer Woman has you covered:

  1. Mad Scientist Costume– This costume is easy to pull together with a wig, white lab coat, and yellow dish gloves.
  2. Lumberjack Costume– All you need is a flannel and some jeans, and accessorize with a beanie and a toy axe.
  3. No-Sew Dinosaur Costume– You can transform a simple hoodie into a dinosaur costume using nothing but scissors and colored duct tape.
  4. Mario and Luigi Costume– Both looks are easy to recreate with T-shirts, overalls, and a few accessories like a fake mustache and some gloves.
  5. Folk Singer Costume– Look to your own closet for a flowy dress and cardigan, plus boho accessories like a headband, sunglasses, and jewelry.
  6. Mary Poppins Costume– To recreate this look, pair a white button-down with a black skirt and accessorize with an umbrella, hat, and oversized bag.
  7. Mummy Costume– Wrap yourself up in strips of fabric to create this classic spooky costume.
  8. Strong Man Costume– You can pull the whole look from your closet and accessorize with a barbell made from a black plastic pipe and black balloons.
  9. Flower Pot Costume– A large plastic planter will serve as the base, and you can attach real or faux flowers using floral foam.
  10. Bank Robber Costume– All you need is a black and white striped shirt, a little black mask, and a laundry—er, we mean loot—bag.
  11. Cupcake Costume– You’ll use layers of tulle to create the frosting and a simple piece of yellow poster board for the cupcake liner. 
  12. Soda Bottle Costume– Just take a plain dress that’s any color, write what flavor you are, and make a bottle cap hat out of a pie tin.
  13. Barbiecore Costume– To capture her essence, just throw on all of your favorite pink clothing and accessories for an unbeatable Barbiecore look.

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