BOSTON (SHNS) – With property tax bills set to rise nearly $400 on average this year, Secretary of State William Galvin reminded property owners to look into their options for a tax abatement before the deadline to apply passes. More than 80 percent of Massachusetts communities have a Feb. 1 deadline for homeowners to apply to lower their property tax bill through an abatement, Galvin’s office said.

The average property tax bill for a single-family home in Massachusetts in 2022 is $6,767, up $395 from 2021’s average bill, Galvin’s office said citing Department of Revenue data.

“With property values continuing to rise, many people will notice their tax bills rising as well. Homeowners should consider their options now, before it’s too late to apply to lower their bills,” Galvin said. He added, “Whether you recently purchased your first home or you are a long-time homeowner whose tax bill has recently gone up, you may be wondering what your options are for lowering your tax bill, and whether you qualify for a property tax abatement.”

The secretary, who has oversight of Registry of Deeds offices across Massachusetts, said the fact that many communities last year conducted re-assessments without an actual inspection of properties itself is a reason for a homeowner to consider applying for an abatement, especially if she or he believes the property was over-assessed.

Galvin’s Citizen’s Information Service posted a series of reminders about the abatement process, the right to appeal an abatement decision and more on its website