ENFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – Gas prices have been pushing higher as the recovery from the pandemic, inflation, and the war in Ukraine continue to affect global energy prices. There have been proposals in both Connecticut and Massachusetts calling for some relief, through a suspension of each state’s gas tax.

At this point, relief appears more likely in Connecticut, where Democratic Governor Ned Lamont has called for a holiday from the state’s 25 cent per-gallon gas tax, starting as soon as possible, and lasting through the end of June.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker proposed a number of tax cuts to help Massachusetts residents back in January, but those proposals have seen little movement on Beacon Hill. Baker has not specifically asked for a cut to the state’s 24-cent per gallon gas tax, but Rep. Peter Durant (R-Spencer) proposed an amendment to a recent spending bill that would have suspended the tax until prices drop below $3.70 per gallon, but the amendment was rejected.

Democratic lawmakers say the proposal is political theater, and said they are looking for other ways to give people a financial break.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, the average price of regular unleaded gas is $4.45 per gallon, while it is $4.34 per gallon in Massachusetts.