CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The top baby names in Massachusetts for 2022 have been released; see if you know anyone with these most trendy names. has released its predictions for the most used baby names in 2022 based on data from the Social Security Administration.

Top Boys Names

For boys, the most popular name is Noah, which continues to be at the top of the chart since 2020 and number 2 nationally. predicts that 494 new Massachusetts babies will be named Noah in 2022.

Several other national favorites are among the top names in Massachusetts, including Liam, Benjamin, Oliver, William, James, and Lucas, which have remained relevant in Massachusetts for years, and Henry, which saw a major uptick in use around 2018.

Massachusetts also has some state-specific popular names. The names Jack and Theodore are some of the most-loved in Massachusetts but aren’t even in the top 50 names nationally.

Top Girls Names

For girls, the name Olivia is the top baby girl name in the state and nationally. Amelia overtook the previous top name, Emma in 2018. 417 new baby girls are expected to be named Olivia in 2022. The name Evelyn is the Massachusetts-specific popular name. Charlotte, Sophia, Isabella, Amelia, Mia, and Ava continue to be favorites in both Massachusetts and nationally.

Here is the full list of the most popular names in Massachusetts:

1. Noah1. Olivia
2. Liam2. Charlotte
3. Benjamin3. Emma
4. Henry4. Sophia
5. Jack5. Isabella
6. James6. Amelia
7. Theodore7. Mia
8. Lucas8. Ava
9. William9. Ella
10. Oliver10. Evelyn most popular baby names in Massachusetts for 2022

Massachusetts Specific Names

Want a name only popular in Massachusetts? also released the most popular unique name for each state. For boys, Francis is only popular in Massachusetts, seeing little use across the rest of the country. For girls, the name Maureen is beloved in Massachusetts but is virtually nonexistent throughout the rest of the country.

Sick of modern names? For a Massachusetts older and unique name, consider Normand, Antone, or Domenic, for a boy or Maura, Meaghan or Claire for a girl.