CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – While residents of Western Massachusetts won’t likely see any damage from Hurricane Ian, we do experience extreme weather events.

This storm does serve as a reminder to take stock of your policy and make any updates or changes. While Hurricane Ian will spare western Massachusetts, our state does see tornados, blizzards, and flooding. Tornados are covered under wind damage and are picked up on any standard homeowners policy.

David Griffin, Senior Vice President of Dowd Agencies says “Where things become an issue is when water gets involved, and if it’s groundwater or water coming into the building you would need to have a flood policy and that is not covered on a standard homeowners policy, that is something that needs to be purchased on top of your standard homeowner’s policy.”

If the water comes from inside the home, like a burst pipe, typically that is something covered in a homeowner’s policy. If you are wondering if flood insurance is something you should invest in, you can look at your city’s website to find flood maps from FEMA that indicate what zone you are in. If your home is located in a high-hazard zone, typically your bank or mortgage company will require you to have a policy.

Make sure your agent is up to date on any improvements or additions you may have, like fences, solar panels, or sheds, so your policy can reflect that and provide full coverage.