LAWRENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – The kitten that was trapped in a truck tire in Lawrence is finally heading to his forever home.

After two months at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, the kitten, now named Hubcat, was adopted by a woman named Sarah Maillet who lives in Southern New Hampshire. Hubcat have a tuxedo cat brother named Leo DiCatPrio.

Hubcat was four-weeks-old when he came into MSPCA on November 4. Lawrence animal control officers were trying to catch the kitten along with his siblings when he got scared and hid in the tire, where he got stuck. He was then taken to a local veterinary office, where doctors called the MSPCA because they knew he needed more advanced care.

MSPCA veterinarians were concerned that the kitten would need to have his injured leg amputated, but they were able to save his leg, however, they did need to amputate two of his toes. His foster family says Hubcat is bright and resilient, and that he’s learned to walk just fine without the missing toes and has started kneading with his formerly injured foot.

Hubcat finished his treatment and went to his new forever home on December 22. He is just one of the thousands of animals that MSPCA has cared for and helped find a new home just this year.