Keating sees nuke waste bill making plant closing safer

pilgrim nuclear power plant_280269

Massachusetts congressman William Keating says a nuclear waste bill that passed the U.S. House includes important provisions for the soon-to-be-closed Pilgrim nuclear plant in Plymouth.

Keating, a Democrat, says the bill prioritizes removal of spent fuel from older nuclear facilities and those like Pilgrim that are being decommissioned.The plant’s shutdown is scheduled for May 2019.Keating says speedier removal of nuclear waste from the site will help make the decommissioning process safer.

The bill approved Thursday directs the U.S. Energy Department to revive efforts to open a mothballed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, while also moving forward with plans for a temporary storage site in New Mexico or Texas.But Senate passage of the bill is far from assured as both of Nevada’s senators oppose it.

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