METHUEN, Mass. (WWLP) – The MSCPA at Nevins Farm is caring for a large number of alpacas and rabbits that were surrendered from a singe home in Massachusetts.

The farm in Methuen helped rescue 20 alpacas and 29 rabbits on September 25. According to Rob Halpin, the Director of Communications at the MSCPA, the owners felt overwhelmed by their care and needed help. The identity of the owners has not been released.

MSCPA worked to provide a specialized refeeding plan for the underweight alpacas as well as hoof and dental care. The 20 alpacas are both male and female ranging in ages from 2 to 10 years old. After receiving care, they were put up for adoption for families that had other alpacas or similar herding animals such as sheep or goats. An overwhelming amount of inquires on adopting the alpacas has now closed the process for any other adopters.

If you would like to help the alpacas by donating a bale of hay to MSPCA at Nevins Farm visit

PHOTOS: Alpacas Surrendered

PHOTOS: Rabbits Surrendered

The fairly young rabbits are identified as a popular breed called Lionheads and are now ready for adoption from MSPCA at Nevins Farms, Boston and Centerville. To view the rabbits available for adoption visit

Photos courtesy of MSPCA at Nevins Farm