LAWRENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – In a heartwarming display of solidarity and support, law enforcement officers from State Police-Concord Troopers, Chelmsford Police, and Emerson College Police joined forces to present a grant from the Cops For Kids With Cancer organization to 7-year-old Elain Rodriguez of Lawrence.

Elain, a spirited young boy battling Leukemia, has been undergoing treatment, and the officers wanted to ensure he knows he’s not alone in this fight. State Police Troopers Faria, Thompson, Valdez, along with Station Commander Lieutenant Recine, Deputy Chief Hannagan from Chelmsford Police, several Chelmsford Police Officers, and Emerson College Police Sergeant Mirabella, gathered to extend a helping hand to Elain and his family.

The grant presented to Elain holds the promise of easing their journey, specifically assisting in transporting him to his crucial weekly treatments in Boston. The officers’ intention is to stand shoulder to shoulder with Elain, reflecting their unwavering commitment to his well-being.

The grant application was spearheaded by Trooper Luis Valdez, who is deeply moved by Elain’s plight. The officers expressed their profound gratitude to the Cops For Kids With Cancer organization, whose generosity made this remarkable gesture possible.

Courtesy of Massachusetts State Police

In a touching photograph, Trooper Luis Valdez stands alongside fellow officers, his compassionate gesture embodying the collective spirit of law enforcement agencies determined to make a difference in the lives of their community members.

This compassionate collaboration showcases the powerful impact that dedicated officers can have, going beyond their call of duty to create a positive impact on those facing challenges. The officers and the Cops For Kids With Cancer organization’s initiative have made this day unforgettable for Elain and the Rodriguez family, offering hope and strength during this challenging time.

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