SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Education Department released their school guidelines for the school year and things will look very different.

Single, assigned seats, masks, a symptom monitor, and a next to the empty bus will be new normal for students on their way to school. Most buses will be limited to under 20 students the urging school districts to add bus routes, stagger school start and end times, and explore other transportation methods.

Parents are encouraged to bring children to school or have them walk or bike.

“I think the people that absolutely need to be on the bus maybe they should have priority to go on the bus and those of us that can provide transportation back and forth we try to do our part and get them there,” said Lincoln Armstrong a West Springfield resident.

The state is reminding school districts that they’ll have to make changes to accommodate more traffic from both vehicle and foot.

Schools should consider adding more crossing guards, create multiple pick up and drop off points, and designate extra parking spots for students parking.

All of these changes will have to be centered around physical distancing guidelines.