Man finds boa constrictor found under car hood


What should have been a normal check under the hood almost gave Joe Reed a heart attack Saturday morning when he discovered this boa constrictor sitting on his engine. 

” I actually think it was sleeping, cause it didn’t move when I first opened the hood. Pretty much scared me to death.”

Thankfully Joe didn’t die and called the Stoughton police. 

“We got a call for a snake under a hood, I refused to go but a few of our officers went,” said Lt. John Bonney of the Stoughton Police Department. “Usually our animal control officers working and thankfully we begged him to come in and he got here pretty quick.”

“Me and one of the officers wrangled it out of the engine because it went to crawl down on in so got like a broom handle or something,” Reed said.  “And one cop grabbed it by the head, I had it with the broom and another cop come over with like a baton and we all got it into a trash barrel.”

Tonight the 40 inch snake is being taken care of by Joe’s Crazy Critters who says the red tail boa appears to be in good health and is likely someone’s pet who slithered away.

“He’ll be there for 10 days and if nobody steps up and says that’s my demon then he’ll keep it and take it on tours and show it to little kids,” said Bonney.

“I’m not friendly with them but yeah if they startle me like that and not expecting them to be there I’m a little scared of them,” Reed said. 

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