BOSTON (WWLP) – On your November Ballot you will see a question dealing with liquor licenses in Massachusetts.

Question three on your ballot deals with the number of liquor licenses a store owner can hold, and the opposition is not putting up much of a fight. The question proposes to increase the total number of licenses a store owner can hold for the sale of all alcoholic beverages, and beer and wine, from nine to 18 by 2031.

It will also reduce the total amount of licenses allowed for all alcoholic beverages from nine to seven. Along with licenses, a yes vote would also prohibit self check-out of alcoholic beverages, allow out of state I.Ds to purchase alcohol and change how fines are calculated if a store sells to minors.

Question three was proposed and is being backed by independent liquor stores.

“These are things to put main street USA on the same platform, playing area as everyone else, and everybody is sort of play by the same rules. It gives us safety in mind while allowing some of these big corporations to get what they want, but not everything they want.”

It was originally opposed by Food Stores for Consumer Choice, but after losing a Supreme Judicial Court case to disqualify question 3 from the ballot, they have since stopped their campaign for a no vote.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, the argument for a no vote is that this is an “incomplete solution to a complex problem” that is “doing little to promote competition.”

A vote in favor of Question three will expand “convenience in a reasonable and balanced manner that also protects against illegal sales.” Question three will have no effect on liquor sales in bars and restaurants.