BOSTON (WWLP) – The Senate passed a bill Thursday that will bring funding to communities across the Commonwealth.

The Senate passed a bill that included $350 million in bonding for transportation needs, which includes $200 million in Chapter 90 funding. Chapter 90 funding is for transportation-related improvements like roads and bridges. Within the legislation is an authorization for municipalities to complete various transportation projects.

$25 million will go to the municipal small bridge program, the complete streets program, a bus transit infrastructure program, and grants to increase access to mass transit and commuter rail stations.

$25 million will also go to funding that is dedicated to additional transportation support based on road mileage and population density. This aspect of the bill is especially helpful to rural communities like in western Massachusetts.

Senator Paul Mark spoke on how small towns, like Mount Washington, currently do not get enough funding under the current funding equation. “With this addition, there’s the possibility that a small town like that might even double what they get if not more and so that allows them to take on projects that they’re saving for, projects that have an immediate need, and projects that are gonna you know be beneficial to the people who live there.

Another $25 million is also being allocated to grants for municipal and regional transit authorities to upgrade their fleet to electric vehicles.

Now, a different version of this bill has previously passed the house, so the two chambers will now have to reconcile the differences before sending the bill to the governor.