Massachusetts considering legislation to end Daylight Saving Time


Every second Sunday of March, we set our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. 

But some state lawmakers want to put an end to this tradition. State Senator John Keenan crafted a bill that would keep Massachusetts on Atlantic Standard Time, which means no more “falling back” every November, and “springing forward” in March. Maine and New Hampshire are considering similar legislation. 

There’s been a lot of debate recently on whether or not to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. Studies have shown the “fall back” and “spring forward” concept, can have a negative impact on your health. 

One study showed losing an hour of sleep leads to a 25 percent increase in heart attacks Children also often have a harder time making the adjustment to the time change.

“The bigger challenge will be for the organizations that have to deal with kids that have to change their biological clocks,” said Angela of Westfield.

Florida passed the Sunshine Protection Act last year to keep the state on Daylight Saving Time, but it still does not have federal approval.

Hawaii and Arizona are the only states that do not move their clocks forward and back for Daylight Saving Time.  

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