SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Even though more people are being vaccinated daily, case numbers are still high.  

Boston has reached nearly 50,000 cases and officials there are begging people to trust in the vaccine and get it, something that has been a struggle across the state. 

Massachusetts COVID-19 vaccine data

Boston is seeing this trend just like we are locally. 22News found that over half of all people fully vaccinated in the state are white. Racial inequality has been highlighted throughout this entire pandemic.  

Stats show the death rate among black and Latinx communities drastically surpasses their counterparts. Also, problematic, the lack of testing in communities of color, and now the vaccination rate.  

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said communities of color in and around Boston have reported a lack of trust in the vaccine. That’s a trend seen locally too. Leaders here are attributing that lack of trust to past historical events. 

“You have to site examples such as the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment where black men were subjected to inhumane realties during that time and that experiment lasted for over 40 years,” said Marcus Williams, president of the Springfield City Council. 

The Springfield City Council has created a COVID-19 subcommittee in hopes of addressing issues like distrust with community members.  

To date almost 360,000 people have been vaccinated in the state, but here’s a breakdown by race and ethnicity: 

  • Just over 1,400 black people are fully vaccinated
  • Hispanics: Roughly 2,000 
  • White: More than 29,000 people have received both doses 

Councilor Williams added that the city is coming up with a plan to ensure the vaccine does get distributed to the black and brown communities once it’s widely available.