CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Many people from Massachusetts own vacation properties in Florida, and are undoubtedly concerned about the damage their homes will incur from Hurricane Ian.

Florida sees many impactful weather events and having the right coverage for your property can save you from a total loss. Insurance needs for a home in Florida vary from what you may need here in New England.

The wind is a covered peril with insurance agencies and your homeowner’s insurance will have that covered, but flooding is not something that comes with your basic homeowner’s package, it’s something you have to purchase separately. If flooding is a concern with your property, it’s wise to purchase that insurance separately and negotiate your percent deductible.

“Certainly in a place like Florida where you know natural disasters are going to happen it makes sense to prepare yourself in advance for that because when you calculate the total insured value, from content to building, roof siding all of that, it can get pretty expensive,” said Jack Dowd, Vice President, Personal Lines and Commercial Risk Consultant of Dowd Insurance Agencies.

Unfortunately, shelling out a lot for insurance is something that many Floridians are already accustomed to. A new study shows that property owners in Florida pay at least three times the national average in premiums, in part because of major weather events.

“Actually the townhouse has an HOA which has flood insurance and wind insurance, so I’m covered. And I got hurricane shutters up and there’s nothing I can do to prevent anything from happening at this point” said Charlie Bonatakis of Southwick.

If you do have a property in Florida and are concerned about damage, Dowd encourages you to stay in contact with your broker, friend, or neighbor who helps keep an eye on your home.