Massachusetts town honors WWII veteran killed in action


Nearly 74 years ago, Technical Sergeant John Brady was shot down over Germany while fighting in World War Two.

Brady’s remains were just recently found. His newborn son, who is now 73, was just 59 days old the day his father was killed. More than seven decades later, his father’s remains have been laid to rest in Massachusetts.

A powerful show of respect and gratitude, to a Taunton hero who has finally come home.

“It’s immense joy because nobody ever expected this would happen,” said Michael Brady, son of John Brady.

Brady’s 73-year-old son couldn’t believe that phone call, just inches of his father’s remains had been located on a German farm. 

“I was in a Walmart in West Little Rock and I thought it was a hoax. There was enough DNA in there to identify my father from that small piece of his skull. So that’s what’s amazing,” said Brady.

Veterans, police, and town leaders lined the funeral home to pay their respects. All of them strangers to Brady, but many still family in service.

“Any one of us could be in that situation. You don’t have closure until you bury your loved one back home,” said Dennis Proulx, VP of Taunton Vietnam Veterans Assoc.

A gold star son at just two months old, Michael Brady was presented with several ribbons and medals for his father’s sacrifice, including the purple heart.

“The President of the United States of America has awarded the Purple Heart.”

“I’m beyond words. It’s so wonderful. It’s not a time of sadness. It’s a time of closure for the family. I’m just glad I lived long enough to see it happen,” said Brady.

Sergeant John Brady was buried with his parents on his 75th wedding anniversary.

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