FALL RIVER, Mass. (WWLP) – A Fall River resident wins six times in the Massachusetts Lottery’s “Lucky for Life” multi-state game.

According to the Massachusetts Lottery website, Raymond Roberts Sr. of Fall River is the winner of six $25,000 a Year for Life prizes in the multi-state Lucky for Life game, matching the first five numbers on six tickets in the drawing that took place Wednesday, December 14.

Raymond, a Vietnam-era veteran, claimed his prizes on Thursday and chose the one-time payment of $390,000 on five of his prizes totaling $1,950,000 (before taxes). He chose the annuity option for one of his prizes and received the first of a minimum of 20 annual payments of $25,000 (before taxes).

He plans on using some of the money to buy a motorcycle.

Raymond told the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters in Dorchester that “intuition” was his reason for purchasing multiple tickets with the same numbers. He has been playing the multiple-draw lottery for over 20 years using a combination of anniversary dates and birthdays.

He bought his tickets at Royal Liquors located at 4263 N. Main St. in Fall River. The retailer will get $30,000 in bonuses ($5,000 for each ticket) for selling the winning tickets. Lucky for Life is $2 a ticket to select 5 numbers between 1-48 and one Lucky Ball number between 1-18. The drawings are seven nights a week.