MBTA train in Green Line crash was speeding


Initial results from a federal investigation into the collision of two Green Line trains found that one was traveling three times the posted speed limit. (Matt Kaminsky)

BOSTON (SHNS) – The Green Line trolley that struck another train and caused both to derail on Friday was traveling three times the posted speed limit for the area, according to initial results from a federal investigation.

Citing data from the vehicle’s event recorder, the National Transportation Safety Board announced Monday evening that a trolley heading westbound on the B Branch was moving about 30 miles per hour when it struck a train in front of it that had been traveling at about 10 miles per hour. The speed limit for that section of above-ground track is 10 miles per hour, according to multiple media reports.

NTSB investigators said Monday evening that 27 people, including MBTA workers, were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries following the crash, an increase from the 25 people the T initially said were injured. The trolley that struck the other vehicle was ascending from lower ground to higher ground at the time of the collision, according to the NTSB. Two cars on the front train derailed, as did one car on the faster-moving train.

The investigative team includes members from the Federal Transit Administration, the MBTA and the state Department of Public Utilities. NTSB also offered “party status” to a labor union representing T employees, the agency said. One MBTA driver was placed on administrative leave. NTSB said Monday that it will publish a preliminary report “within 30 days of completing on scene work.” 

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