BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Registry of Moth Vehicles (RMV) has a new plate design available to honor those that died while serving, called the Medical Liberty license plate.

The cost is free for family members who apply but an application is needed to be completed and has been made available.

Those who have access to this plate are families of men and women of Massachusetts who served and died while serving. This includes men and women who died from injuries in action, were killed in action, or died when in service of a combat area.

The plate is not applicable to motorcycles and needs to be renewed every two years. After the application has been approved it will take the RMV 20 days to mail the requested plates.

Required application materials:

  1. A completed Application for Medal of Liberty Plates.
  2. A Recommendation for the Massachusetts Medal of Liberty form (TAGMA form 3367) approved by the Office of the Adjutant General.
  3. The service member’s DD-214, DD Form 1300, Deployment Orders, or NGB 22.
  4. A completed Registration and Title Application stamped by an insurance company.

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles Colleen Ogilvie said, “The Registry of Motor Vehicles is pleased to offer the new Medal of Liberty license plate to honor service men and women who lost their lives while working to protect and serve our country. The specialty plates, which are available at no cost to eligible customers through an application process, will help family members continue to pay tribute and memorialize the service of their fallen loved ones.”

A KIA decal is also available for families whose service member’s DD Form 1300 indicates “Killed in Action” in category box 4C.  K.I.A. Decals must be affixed to the shaded area of the plate below the Medal of Liberty on the left of the plate.

Information on the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 33, Section 67A is accessible.

Other available plates include Veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor, Legion of Valor, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Distinguished Flying Cross, Ex-POW. Also available are The National Guard, Disabled Veteran, and Gold Star Family passenger plates.