(WWLP) – COVID-19 cases are rising once again in Massachusetts and across the Northeast. Most counties now high risk according to the CDC.

As graduations and other summertime events begin, there are little to no mask mandates. As cases once again rise, those requirements may come back into play.

Peyton Gianci, a student at UMass said, “It’s nostalgic being back to normalcy.”

It was a mask less commencement at UMass Amherst Friday, as it looks like we are entering another wave of covid-19. According to the CDC, this recent uptick in cases can be attributed to the subvariants of omicron which currently accounts for 40% of all cases within the northeast.

Caroline Berteletti, a UMass student told 22News, “I do think people feel comfortable. Especially the UMass community was really ready to go mask mandate free.”

In the commonwealth, more than 5,500 people tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday. The current seven day average for case counts is over three times higher than it was in March.

Caroline Berteletti added, “Since then I’ve seen people mask less for the majority. And today it seems that even adults and everything and older people are just mask less and I hope it stays that way.”

Experts expect cases to continue to rise, which sparks the possibility of public health precautions being reinstated, especially for larger events.

Peyton Gianci said, “The mask mandate got lifted so it’s nice to see everyone’s faces.”

As cases rise health experts are optimistic that the warm weather could help cases come back down as more people spend time outside.