SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts residents can expect to pay a lot more to keep their homes warm this year as prices for oil rise.

The cost of heating is estimated to go up 28.6 percent for homes with natural gas, 18.6 percent for homes with heating oil and 54.6 percent for electric. Noonan Energy says that right now is the most ideal time to prepare your home through proper weatherization and maintenance so your house is prepared ahead of those cooler days. 22News spoke with Noonan Energy about cost effective ways to save on your bill this winter.

Tim Noonan of Noonan Energy said, “You need to try and button up your house as much as you can. Your windows, if you can’t replace them put some plastic on that’s an inexpensive way to do it. If you haven’t had fuel assistance, not everybody qualifies for it, it may be something that people might try to apply for for the first time this year because prices are higher.”

Another way to cut heating costs is by applying for a fuel assistance program or using a programable thermostat to control heating and cooling in your home.