NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The North Brookfield Board of Selectmen have once again changed their decision on a pride event on the Town Common, following a letter from ACLU upset with their decision.

Earlier this month, the Board voted to pull the approval of a pride event that had originally been approved in March because the event included a drag show. The Board stated the drag show violated the town’s restrictions on “adult entertainment.”

ACLU then sent the Board a letter asking to give back full permission for the pride event with the drag show included or they could face potential litigation.

On Tuesday night, the Board voted again on the pride event, this time to rescind their previous vote to deny the pride event with the drag show. The Board voted in favor of rescinding their last vote that denied the event.

The Board then voted for the motion to approve the event with the drag performance as originally requested. Vice Chairman John Tripp commented before the vote of the drag show that he still thinks it is wrong in his opinion and beliefs.

While Clerk Elizabeth Brooke Canada voted in favor of the event with the drag show, Chairman Jason Petraitis and Tripp abstained from voting. The motion failed to pass, however, Petraitis added the event doesn’t need approval from the Board to run the pride event with a drag show.

“I’m not required to give you permission to do it. It’s a free open Common, the Board is not required to give you permission to have your event on the Common,” said Chairman Jason Petraitis after voting on the pride event.

The Board clarified that the event will be able to be held with the drag performance but it does not have the support of the Board members. The event is expected to be held on the Town Common in June.

An ACLU spokesperson sent 22News the following statement on the decision, “The North Brookfield Select Board’s prior decision to deny ‘Small Town Pride’ the right to include drag performance clearly violated both our state and U.S. constitutions.”

ACLU says they are seeking clarification about the board’s decision Tuesday night.