CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)-  People have turned just four bump stocks in to Chicopee police since they were banned at the beginning of the month.

“Four is surprising. I figured we would get a few more, but at least we got four”, Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News.

The bump stock ban officially went into effect on February 1, but police departments haven’t seen many people handing bump stocks in. One theory is that many people just don’t own them.

“Being in the military, being a police officer, I had never even seen them until the Las Vegas shooting”, says Sergeant Daniel Valadas of the Ludlow Police. “I don’t think a lot of gun enthusiasts even like them. It was kind of like a niche product that was made.”

Springfield, West Springfield, Holyoke, Agawam, Granby and Ludlow police departments all have a total of zero bump stocks to hand over to the state police.

Bump stocks don’t have to be registered, so it’s hard for police to predict how many bump stocks should have been handed in to their departments, if any at all.

“There are people that could transfer them out of state”, says Wilk. “If they had a second residence they could have brought them there.”

Right now, if you are caught with a bump stock in your possession in Massachusetts, you could face felony charges.