NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two pets were sent to Second Chance Animal Services days apart after fracturing their legs.

At five weeks old, a kitten named Prancer fell through a grate onto a cement pad that was one story below. He fractured his femur, and someone brought Prancer to Second Chance so he could get the care he needed.

Prancer’s leg was a clean break and a Second Chance vet at the North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital was able to surgically pin the limb to help aid in healing. Prancer is being fostered by one of the vet techs while he is recovering. He should be fully healed in 4-6 weeks so he can get ready to be adopted at a new home.

Just days after Prancer came to Second Chance, a five-month-old puppy named Asher was also sent from another facility for surgery to repair his badly fractured leg. Staff kept him comfortable with pain medication overnight and he went into surgery the next day.

Dr. Kristen Cormier, Second Chance’s Lead Surgeon, said, “he is doing great at his foster home. He seems comfortable, happy, and wants to be a puppy!  Now the challenge is to keep Asher calm and limit his activity so he can heal.”

Cormier, who performed both surgeries on Prancer and Asher, has been with Second Chance since 2011 and said that Prancer and Asher are lucky. “Many shelter pets don’t have the option to undergo surgery to repair a broken leg. Oftentimes amputation is more economical and provides a quicker solution to the problem. While pets can adapt quickly to the loss of a limb, it’s always best to save the leg when possible. This allows pets to age gracefully and better handle any arthritic changes that will occur later in life. The recovery from fracture repair is long and requires excellent care – we couldn’t perform these surgeries without the help of our wonderful foster families!”

Second Chance founder and CEO Sheryl Blancato said, “We are fortunate to have four nonprofit hospitals to help pets get medical care.” Blancato points out that the hospitals not only care for homeless pets but also help keep many pets in their homes by providing full-service veterinary care.  Each location offers subsidized rates for those that qualify, giving pet owners options when a pet is sick or injured. “None of this would be possible without our caring and generous supporters.”