BOSTON (SHNS) – House Democrats have drafted a $10.5 million mega-amendment to pad spending accounts dealing with public safety and the judiciary.

The proposal, assembled following private talks about dozens of state budget amendments, features a $2.5 million reserve account to implement a pilot program at the Department of Correction and county correctional facilities “to treat persons suffering from serious mental illness with clinically-appropriate long-acting injectable medications.”

The amendment also includes a policy section related to alcohol licenses, including licenses for the sale of alcohol at auctions and licenses for “on-premises sample alcoholic beverage tasting for prospective customers” at auctions. Another section deals with direct wine shipper licenses.

The nine-page amendment was posted at 12:21 p.m., and will likely be approved by early afternoon. Private meetings on public health, mental health, and disability services amendments were underway midday at the State House. The result of those talks will lead to another sprawling amendment, probably later this afternoon.