BOSTON (WWLP) – A Bengal cat that was brought to an animal shelter is scheduled to undergo surgery this week to repair her broken pelvis.

A good Samaritan found the nameless cat outside their home in Worcester and was taken to MSPCA-Angell on April 25th. The cat was determined to be less than one year old and has a broken pelvis. She is expected to to undergo Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery this week that is expected to cost up to $4,500.

The shelter is looking for donations to help with the surgery costs, if you are interested visit    

Bengal cats are rare in animal shelters, this cat especially since its coat is gold and orange that is not generally seen in this breed as they are usually brown or silver. MSPCA-Angell has received less than 40 in their shelter network in the past five years.

Do you have any suggestions on a name? Visit MSPCA-Angell on Facebook to leave a comment. Some suggestions made are Hope, Chester, Smiley, and Lucky. If you would like to adopt her, apply at

“The Bengal is on strict cage rest to allow some of the pelvic fractures to start healing, but despite this she’s very cuddly and lovable. When she’s fully recovered, we expect she’ll be very high-energy,” said Bourgoin.