CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Being outdoors more often in the summer means there’s also a higher chance of seeing wildlife. MassWildlife is asking residents if they see any species of endangered animals or plants to report your observation to help protect them.

In Massachusetts, there are 432 species that are either considered endangered, threatened or special concern. Under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA), all of these species are protected as well as their habitat. If you see one of these threatened species, you can report it to MassWildlife through their Heritage Hub. Through this website, you can also report vernal pools, which are seasonal pools of water that provide a habitat for vegetation and smaller creatures. These reports help protect these animals and plants from becoming extinct.

If you are curious to learn what endangered species may be in your community, MassWildlife also has a Rare Species Viewer where you can enter your town’s name and see what rare animals and plants live there.

It’s important to not harass, capture or disrupt an endangered species, as it may result in a fine or possibly charges.