SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The state’s Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) decides which construction projects in the state get financing, and just how much. It published a new report that looked at where a new Roderick Ireland Courthouse could eventually go.

People who work at the Roderick Ireland Courthouse in downtown Springfield have been advocating for a new building for years. Last year, a report found cancer-causing mold in the building, which led to a settlement agreement where the Trial Court brought in cleaning crews to remove mold.

DCAMM: Springfield Courts Complex Relocation Assessment

DCAMM is now looking at 13 locations in Hampden County for a new courthouse. Eleven are in Springfield, including 125 Liberty Street which is a medical building, and the former Municipal Hospital site at 1400 State Street.

Two of the options are in East Longmeadow at 244 Shaker Road and 70 Maple Street. One possible location is across the river in West Springfield at 379 Riverdale Street.

The report ranked each location and coming out on top was the current site of the Courthouse at 50 State Street. But, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno wants to see the new courthouse built along the Connecticut River between Clinton Street and Avocado Street in the city’s North End.

In a statement in response to the report, Mayor Sarno said, “I have made it very clear; I am in full support of the relocation of a new Roderick Ireland Courthouse to the north riverfront area.  This would be a game changer for the City of Springfield.  It brings to light development in the north end of our riverfront and most importantly, it brings with it some additional housing to the city, which is desperately needed.  Also, this proposal includes restaurants and boutique shops, along with a proposed marina.  This project would also create hundreds of construction jobs and a number of permanent jobs.  In addition, the city will benefit from much-needed additional property tax revenue.  I have had fruitful discussions with Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, as well as the Honorable Jeffrey Locke, Chief Justice of the Trial Court, Tom Ambrosino, Trail Court Administrator, and State Representative Michael Finn, Chair of the Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets.  This project also addresses major issues concerning public transportation and parking.  Furthermore, this project in the north riverfront could be completed in 3-4 years vs 7-10 years at the current site.”

That parcel of land, owned by Peter Picknelly, is already the focus of a potential $475 million redevelopment project that includes housing, shops, and restaurants.

The state doesn’t seem to agree with this location though – ranking it 9th out of 13 in its list of possible locations for the new courthouse. The DCAMM reports says it will now look at the top 6 sites as it continues to search for a location for the new Roderick Ireland Courthouse.

DCAMM’s rank of possible locations for new Hampden County Courthouse:

  • 1. Site 1: 50 State Street – Site Score 172
  • 2. Site 2: 125 Liberty St. – Site Score 149
  • 3. Site 3: 255 Liberty St. – Site Score 146
  • 4. Site 10: 70 Maple St. – Site Score 139
  • 5. Site 5: 1400-1414 State St. – Site Score 137
  • 6. Site 8: Allen St & Cooley St. – Site Score 134
  • 7. Site 11: 44 Hendee St. – Site Score 125
  • 8. Site 12: 50 Federal St. – Site Score 123
  • 9*. Site 6: 505-583 E. Columbus Ave. – Site Score 120
  • 9*. Site 13: W Columbus, Clinton St., Avocado St. – Site Score 120
  • 10. Site 7: 379 Riverdale St. – Site Score 117
  • 11. Site 4: 55 Avocado St. – Site Score 115
  • 12. Site 9: 244 Shaker Rd. – Site Score 109