Santa Claus adds second E-ZPass transponder to account

Santa Claus Adds Second E-ZPass Transponder to Account_763475

BOSTON (MassDOT) – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is pleased to announce it has provided Santa Claus of the North Pole with a second “universal” transponder for use by Mrs. Claus.

E-ZPass transponders are available at any customer service center, at Registry of Motor Vehicle service locations and can be obtained via, but MassDOT was happy to hand-deliver this second transponder to Mr. Claus while he was at the Prudential Center in Boston.

Last year, MassDOT provided Santa Claus with the first ever universal travel E-ZPass to allow the North Pole resident to travel state to state when necessary and also allow international travel without having to open an E-ZPass account in each state or country.

This second transponder will enable Mrs. Claus to pay her toll charges through her husband’s E-ZPass account as Massachusetts E-ZPass accounts are set up so that multiple transponders can be added to each account.

As with every customer, MassDOT officials encouraged Mr. Claus to add Mrs. Claus’ license plate number to his E-ZPass account if she is traveling by vehicle, but noted that its legal department reports that airborne reindeer-led sleighs are not mandated to have a license plate.

In regular circumstances, transponders are required to be mounted on the windshield. Given the Claus’ unconventional choice of a travel vehicle, MassDOT staff recommended that North Pole elves affix the transponder to a different location.

Mr. Claus was also informed that his wife should feel free to contact E-ZPass customer service personnel by phone, email, or mail should she have any questions regarding her transponder or if other famous reindeer require transponders for their own travels.

MassDOT advises travelers that residents of any state, (and continent), are eligible to receive a free E-ZPass MA transponder and receive a discounted toll rate by visiting

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