(WWLP) – Discussions continue about changing Massachusetts’ House, Senate, Governor’s Council, and Congressional district boundaries.

This redistricting is federally mandated for the state to accommodate shifts in population and provide equal representation. Monday night, Special Joint Committee on Redistricting held a public hearing for those in the 2nd Congressional District.

This includes Worcester, Ware, Belchertown, Amherst, Northampton, and Greenfield.

Western Massachusetts residents and lawmakers, who testified at the hearing, are asking the committee to ensure representation will be not be lost locally.

Mary Olberding of the Hampshire District registry of deeds told 22News, “We are not as populated as the eastern part of the state as you know, and having two in a greater territory and number of towns is essential to getting the resources that we need.”

The state legislature is responsible for redistricting according to the Massachusetts Constitution.

All new districts must be voted on and then approved by the House, Senate and Governor.