BOSTON (WWLP) – LEGO is moving out of Connecticut, affecting hundreds of employees.

Earlier this week, the LEGO group announced it’s moving its headquarters to Boston by 2026 and Senator Jake Oliveira is not happy with their decision. The company said in a release that the move out of Enfield, Connecticut would occur in phases starting in mid-2025 and until the move is complete.

Now the LEGO company is promising employees at the Enfield location positions in Boston if they decide to move, and will also provide relocation assistance. For those who chose not to move, LEGO will be providing them with financial support and job placement assistance.

Enfield, Connecticut borders Longmeadow and East Longmeadow and many employees who work in Connecticut live in those communities. Senator Jake Oliveria said he is deeply disappointed in LEGO’s decision to move, a decision that will seriously impact western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut.

On top of being an economic issue, Oliveira says it’s also about regional equity, “Because we’re not large states here in the northeast, we’re so reliant upon the success of our neighboring states at a certain extent and so from my perspective, making sure that we highlight any type of regional inequities when it comes to economic growth and economic development is essential to making sure that we grow our economy in western Massachusetts.”

This decision will uproot 740 employees and change the business landscape of western Massachusetts. The LEGO Company has been a staple in the Enfield community since 1975.

22News contacted LEGO for a reaction to Oliveira’s letter and they said no comment.