BOSTON, Mass. – The state’s highest court has denied an effort by the state Republican party to block election officials from putting into effect the state’s new mail-in and early voting law.

The decision ensures Massachusetts residents will be able to take advantage of the expanded voter options this year. Opponents had argued the new law, dubbed the Votes Act, violates the state constitution. Many of the voting options were implemented during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and proved popular.

Senator Eric Lesser (D) of First Hampden and Hampshire County told 22News, “You saw in 2020 when we had the first year of mail in voting, it did dramatically increase turnout. The numbers did go up considerably, the participation rates did go up, and yes it does help especially lower income residents. The key here is that its going to make it easier and more accessible for people to exercise this very important right.”

22News is your election headquarters, and don’t forget that the Massachusetts primary election will be held on September 6th. The voter registration deadline is by August 27th. The vote by mail application deadline is August 29th. And early voting begins on August 27th and goes until September 2nd.