CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The price at the pump is not only increasing for people who fuel up with gas, but also diesel.

We’re watching a chain reaction that started with an increase in crude oil prices, and now is reaching diesel, which impacts truck drivers. 22News went to the truck stop in Chicopee where fueling up tanks can cost hundreds of dollars.

Joshua Peloquin from Westfield paid almost $600 to fill up his tank, which is less than the $800 he was paying this summer, but he used to pay closer to $300 or $400.

However when diesel prices go up, so does everything else. “Everything gets passed down to the consumer I mean big corporations are not going to pay for that so it’s going straight back to you guys and we’re all paying for it,” said Peloquin.

We’re expected to get an update on inflation numbers this Thursday. That will give us an idea of how prices have gone up over the last year.