WRENTHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Two 12-year-old boys were out exploring and hiking in the woods Wednesday when they found a hand grenade in a pile of trash.

Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath said Kevin Castaneda and Jackson Allen found a pile of debris during their hike and, like most adventurous kids, began to inspect the debris for any treasures. Somewhat camouflaged in the ground, the kids found a hand grenade.

Kevin and Jackson played it smart and did not touch the grenade. Instead, they took a photo, made a mental note of where they were in the woods and went straight home to report it to their parents.

“These boys used their noggins! They resisted that curious impulse and DID NOT touch it! They put into action those words, that phrase, from a national campaign encouraging all of us to “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING “ when it just doesn’t look right, just doesn’t look safe, looks suspicious,” said Chief McGrath.

Wrentham Police, Fire and a Bomb Squad went into the woods to check on the grenade. Chief McGrath said the grenade was 100% real and thankfully had been hollowed out.

Chief McGrath was thankful the kids did the right thing and did not touch the grenade, “Had that grenade been live, had Kevin and Jackson caved to curiosity, this story would be tragic. But thankfully, two wicked ‘smaht’ kids did the right thing and we all benefit from the lesson, for ourselves to share with and educate our own kids.”