NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The U.S. Justice Department is making an effort to keep travel fares low for budget-conscious airline passengers.

The DOJ has sued JetBlue to try to block it it from buying Spirit Airlines, arguing that the purchase would lead to less competition and therefore higher prices for flyers. Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell has joined the suit, saying it’s an anticompetitive deal that would lead to higher prices for travelers at both Logan and Bradley airports.

22News spoke to Northampton attorney James Winston who noted one interesting aspect of this case, “An association of flight attendants which represents 5,600 Spirit flight attendants is in full support of the merger and this is in sharp contrast to another association, the transportation workers union, and they represent approximately 6,800 JetBlue flight attendants and they’re not in favor of the merger.”

Though some JetBlue employees may not be fans of a potential merge, the CEO of JetBlue argues that it would make JetBlue a “low-fare competitor” to the big four airline carriers, United, American, Delta and Southwest.

This lawsuit is the latest effort of the Biden administration to attempt to block mergers in other industries like health care, and video gaming.