WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Because of all the rain Monday, flooding is possible in some areas around western Massachusetts. 22News has information on driving safely during the rain.

If your wipes are on, you must put your headlights on in Massachusetts. However, don’t use high-beams in the rain. They will reflect off wet surfaces reducing visibility for you and other drivers.

The road is very wet with lots of puddles meaning a risk for hydroplaning. If you feel your car hydroplaning, take your foot off gas, steer slow in the direction you want to go, brake gently and don’t panic. You’re at risk for hydroplaning if you’re driving faster than 35 miles per hour when there’s even a little bit of water on the ground, even if you’re driving a SUV or four wheel-drive vehicle.

Don’t use cruise control in rain. If you hydroplane while using cruise control, your car may accelerate and confuse the cruise function, which can increase the time it takes to take control of your vehicle.

A good tip to help with visibility: Wash the inside and outside of windows and windshield before going out.