SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – For many of us, Labor Day Weekend has already begun, either traveling for summer’s final getaway or preparing for Monday’s close-to-home outing with friends and family.

However we choose to spend that precious day, historians tell us that we owe the Labor Day holiday to the organized labor movement of the late 19th Century. They fought for the setting aside of a day honoring the strength, prosperity and well being of America’s working class.

“Labor Day is honoring people who work and hopefully giving them a day off,” said Eva Parrish, a retired Springfield nurse.

“It’s an important day to give the hardworking people of America a day off. Due to the pandemic, when we worked harder, we stretched even further,” said Raymond Potts of Springfield.

Massachusetts was among the first states to embrace Labor Day in 1882, 12 years before Labor Day was designated a national observance on the first Monday in September.