Woman tries to trade car for Necco Wafers stock

Necco Wafers

(WFLA) – A Florida woman showed her undying love for the old time candy Necco Wafers.

According to The Boston Globe, 23-year-old Katie Samuels reached out to the colorful candy shop on Candystore.com offering up her 2003 Honda Accord as a trade for all of their stock.

Samuels said the candy is nostalgic to her because she used to pretend play “church” at her grandmother’s house and would take Communion with the candies.

But, the historic candy company has hit a bump in their journey.

Last month, Necco announced that 395 workers could be laid off if the company didn’t find a buyer.

The sweet treat website did not accept Samuels offer in what they’re calling “The Great Necco Wafer Panic”.

But, she was able to score four dozen rolls of the wafers before they’re gone for good.


Necco no more: Massachusetts candy company may close plant, lay off workers

REVERE, Mass. (AP) – The Massachusetts manufacturer of such iconic candies as Necco wafers, Clark bars and those heart-shaped Sweethearts decorated with romantic sayings says it will shut down and lay off nearly 400 workers unless it finds a buyer.

Necco CEO Michael McGee wrote in a letter last week to Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo the company would close its plant in the city north of Boston if it can’t find a buyer by May 6. Negotiations with potential buyers are ongoing.

Necco, which stands for New England Confectionary Co., traces its roots to 1847 and calls itself the nation’s oldest continuously operating candy company.

The company’s headquarters was sold last year for $54.5 million to developers who envisioned robotics, biotech and laboratory space at the site, with enough room to continue candy making.

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