(WWLP) –  The MassTech Intern Partnership program will award stipends of up to $3,200 to Massachusetts businesses that hire students as summer interns starting in 2022.

Stipend applications must be submitted by companies and MassTech is encouraging small business owners who may not otherwise afford an intern to apply.

To qualify for the program, companies must be based in Massachusetts, have at least 250 employees, and pay their interns on a W-2 basis.  

Cybersecurity, digital health, fintech, and robotics companies may apply for three internships, all other tech companies can apply for two internships.  

Interns must live in Massachusetts and be currently enrolled or recently graduated from a post-high school education program.

Interns are not eligible if they are related to any employee at the company or if their internship is supported by another state-sponsored program.