McDonald’s “hacked” Twitter blasts Trump

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(CNN) – Like salt on a wound, there was nothing sweet about this McTweet from McDonalds.

“@realdonaldtrump you are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have @Barack Obama back, also you have tiny hands.” This to a guy who’s been photographed eating McDonalds, who knows the menu.

The tweet lasted only about 20 minutes before McDonalds deleted it, later posting “Twitter notified us that our account was compromised”…hacked by an external source.

A “McHack attack”. Seth Myers tweeted “clown on clown crime”…someone else made the Donald resemble Ronald McDonald. Was the culprit the Hamburglar, or perhaps rival burger king?

While the president probably wasn’t lovin’ it, this guy may have been. Barack Obama was photoshopped into the president’s meal asking “Too much special sauce?” Trump supporters suggested a boycott. But once it became known the account was compromised, there were mostly jokes. “In fairness, Trump’s hands make their regular cheeseburger look like a Big Mac.”

To think the president once did a McDonalds’ commercial.

At least his hamburger didn’t get spit on, someone just spit out a tweet.Copyright 2017 CNN

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