BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) Medicare for all is one step closer to becoming a reality in Massachusetts. In 20 house districts across the state, voters were asked if they support ‘Medicare for All’ and the measure was an overwhelming success. The non-binding policy question won in every district where it was on the ballot.

The question asked voters if they supported a single payer system that would cover all Massachusetts residents, with the freedom to choose their own doctors and do away with the role insurance companies have in health care by “creating an insurance trust fund that is publicly administered.”

Voters in the 2nd Berkshire, the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th Hampden, and the 2nd Franklin saw this as Question 5 on their ballot. Agawam had it as Question 6. The question also appeared in parts of Central and Eastern Massachusetts, as well at the North and South Shore.

“I think people are really dissatisfied with how much they’re having to forgo of their budget just to be covered for health insurance. And then when they get to the doctor they might have to pay more again,” said Stephanie Nakajima Executive Director of Mass-Care: the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care

Mass-Care, which was behind the ballot initiative, believes people are sick of seeing premium increases. Because this is a non-binding question meaning it won’t become law just yet. However, 40% of lawmakers support the corresponding legislation to Medicare for All, which is An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts.