Meet Ollie, a blind and deaf cow with a ‘mooo’ving story


BUSKIRK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s good to have a friend who’s always got your back. But when you’re blind and deaf, having someone who can also be your eyes and ears is even better.

Meet Ollie, a gentle beef cow who was born blind and mostly deaf. Due to his disability, he can often lose his way in the pasture.

It’s then that he calls for help. And when he does, it’s his best friend Sunny who never fails to make her way to him.

Ollie and Sunny’s story began almost ten years ago when Ollie was born. His own mother rejected the blind and deaf calf. But as luck would have it, a kind jersey cow named Ms. Clover took him under her wing, or hoof…

Wherever Ms. Clover went, Ollie followed. Soon, Ms. Clover had her own calf who quickly took on the job of being Ollie’s guide. That calf… Sunny!

But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Ms. Clover was called up to that great pasture in the sky, and to make matters worse, Ollie and Sunny’s farm was sold.

A desperate message was sent out to find the two cows a new home together and an answer eventually came from a quiet corner of Rensselaer County, New York.

“I couldn’t say no,” says Tracy Muscatello, who owns and operates HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary in Buskirk.

The farm is a home for all kinds of abandoned, feathered, and four-legged animals after they’re rescued.

Muscatello says she has never seen anything like the relationship between Ollie and Sunny.

“We will be a few yards away and he will start mooing,” Muscatello says. “Then it will grow a bit more desperate. She’ll slowly make her way over.”

When Ollie calls, without fail Sunny finds her way over to Ollie’s side. It’s much the same way at the close of the day when Sunny leads Ollie into the barn for the night.

“She never fails him,” says Muscatello. “She truly is his seeing eye cow.”

Eight months into the two cows’ stay at HeartsHerd, Muscatello says she realized what Ollie’s fate might have been had she not said yes to taking the two friends in when their old farm was sold.

“He would have been at an auction,” says Muscatello. “He would have been scared out of his mind, and then he would have been somebody’s hamburger.”

To ensure Ollie never becomes someone’s dinner, Muscatello says Ollie and Sunny are now welcome to live out their days at HeartsHerd.

So far, things haven’t changed much for the two pals. Whenever Ollie finds himself lost in the pasture, he calls out to his best friend, she there she is. Friends forever.

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