(WWLP) – 22news has been following the story taking place on Martha’s Vineyard, regarding dozens of migrants flown there last Wednesday night.

On Sunday Governor baker praised the way people responded to Martha’s Vineyard last week. The roughly 50 migrants have left for JonitBase Cape Cod for temporary shelter.

No one in Massachusetts was aware the migrants were being dropped off on the island after boarding flights allegedly organized by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. When asked whether he had talked with governor DeSantis about the unannounced flights, Governor Baker said talking with any governor won’t really help. Instead, he called on Washington to fix the problem.

“This clearly wasn’t about providing assistance or relief to border communities, it wasn’t about helping vulnerable people who are simply seeking a better life, this is about manipulating migrants into a plot, into a scheme purely for political gain and for a headline,” said Senator Julian Cyr of Provincetown. MEMA is working with other agencies and non-profits to make sure the migrants have access to the resources they need like legal help and basic healthcare.