Millennials piercing their fingers in lieu of wearing engagement rings


(WIVB) – There’s a new trend in engagement rings catching on.

Instead of the usual ring, some people are just getting diamonds embedded into their ring fingers.

“We notice lately a lot of people coming looking for that,” Sam Abbas, the owner of NYC Ink Studio, said.

This trend has mostly been seen among millennials.

“I think it looks nice but if you really think what it’s doing to the body, scarring I mean, so many complications that can happen from it,” Cynthia Rivas, a millennial, said.

Abbas says there could be problems if people don’t take care of their piercings. They are supposed to be cleaned 2-3 times a day.

“You’re dealing with the blood, so you have to be very very safe. What we do is sterilize everything,” Abbas says.

Dermatologist Dr. Monica Halem says “First of all, these procedures are not being done by a doctor and it is a surgical procedure. There are a lot of important structures that sit under the skin that can be damaged like tendons.”

There is also the danger of the diamond snagging.

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