Missing dog reunited with family after almost four years apart


When a dog runs away, how long do you stop looking before giving up hope?

One California couple was reunited with their lost pup, who went missing more than three years ago. 

Shawnee reunited with Joyce and Randy Culberhouse, after more than 3 and a half years apart.

“It’s a miracle,” said Randy. 

“44 months and 4 days,” said Joyce. 

Shawnee crawled through a hole under their fence on April 22, 2015.

“She recognized us. She kissed us and she snuggled right under our necks,” said Joyce. 

The Culberhouses say they know a family took her in.

Shawnee got away this week.

18-year-old Jairo Morales found her on a Sylmar street Christmas Eve.

“Jairo is just a hero! He really is. He took care of her and he took her to the right place where she was scanned,” said Jairo. 

In the vet’s office, the scanned microchip identified Shawnee and her owners.

The Culberhouses were alerted by this e-mail while visiting relatives in Arizona.

“I saw the word Shawnee on the screen and told my husband stop the car,” said Joyce. 

They raced back to California to claim their long-lost pup.

“Pretty amazing having her back and she is not going anywhere,” said Randy. 

The Culberhouses think Shawnee was stolen because she was wearing a collar and an ID tag when she got out of the yard.

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