(CNN) – A Tennessee mother is accused of doing the unthinkable to her own flesh and blood.  Police say she beat her son because she thought he was gay and too feminine.

Jacqueline Alexander is charged with punching her own son in the face.  Not because she felt she was in danger, but police say, because she thinks her son is “too feminine” and gay.

Michael Hennaghan said, “I don’t see how you could do that to your own child, first of all. And second of all, because of how that person that they are or because what that person is, that’s terrible.”

Police say she attacked her son in their apartment on the 5900 block of Mt. Moriah last night.

They say the boy had bruises on his face when they arrived.  It’s a thought that sickens leaders in the Memphis LGBT community, but they say it happens all too often.

Will Batts, human rights advocate said, “We certainly have lots of kids and adults that come into the center and talk about being abused or hurt in some way by the people that are supposed to be the ones that care most about them.”

Will Batts wants to see a change in how people think, an acceptance of all, regardless of their sexual orientation, and to break the barriers of gender stereotypes, “We live with these really strict rules about how people should act or dress or talk or behave, and life is so much more complicated than that.”

Hennaghan says regardless of what you think about the LGBT community everyone deserves respect.

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