Mom’s Facebook live video shows attempted robbery


DALLAS, TX (KTVT/CNN) – On a cool Tuesday night you can see moms push their babies strollers with their toddlers in tow at Cottonwood Park.

That’s exactly what Susana Posada was doing in broad daylight when she says two teens threatened to take her 2-year-old.

“They were saying something like give us the phone or we’ll take her,” Posada said.

The mom happened to be on Facebook live at the time, sharing her park adventures with loved ones.

Richardson Police say you can see one suspect in that video leaning against the railing another in the distance.

There’s a struggle as one teen reaches for her phone. What you can’t see the moment that terrified this mom.

They had her like this,” Posada explains. Her 2-year-old started to cry. “I immediately let go of the phone. I didn’t think twice.”

The teens ran and this mom quickly comforted her scared daughter on the ground.

“It gave me chills,” one parent said.

Parents stunned it would happen at this family friendly park.

“Scares me, like, knowing that there’s people who could grab them just like that in front of you.”

As for Posada, she says she’ll avoid being on her phone in public and unfortunately the park altogether.

Richardson Police are now looking for the suspects.

They are hoping the public will help them identify and arrest the teens.

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