(WWLP) – A partnership between the MSPCA and the Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) in Salem has rescued 48 beagles from the Envigo breeding facility in Virginia where they had been sold to research labs. In the evening of August 25, two vans full of beagles arrived in Salem.

MSPCA and NEAS will care for 42 of the beagles, while Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton, Massachusetts will take care of six.

MSPCA Angell Director of Adoption Centers and Programs, Mike Keiley, says he expects this to be the organization’s final transport of beagles from Virginia—and the dogs are mostly very young, under seven months of age. “All told, we’ll have taken in more than 200 Beagles from the Envigo breeding facility over the course of multiple transports in recent months, and we’re so grateful to have the donor and community support to make a meaningful contribution in this historic case, and ensure a safer, happier future for the dogs involved.”

A state-mandated quarantine and medical care is to be given to the beagles before they are available for adoption.