NEW YORK (WWTI) — Grammy award winning musician Jason Mraz is one of the avocado farmers making Chipotle’s guacamole possible.

Chipotle released ‘extra facts’ about their restaurant in honor of National Avocado Day, where they offer free guacamole to their customers. Chipotle’s guacamole includes six simple ingredients; avocados, citrus juice, cilantro, red onion, jalapenos, and salt.

Chipotle is expected to use about 4.5 million cases of avocados, which is equivalent to more than 100 million pounds of fruit, this year.

They also revealed the color of their customized apparel and accessories are actually created by simmering their leftover avocado pits to create a sustainable, plant-based dye varying in color.

Although Jason Mraz is well-known for his passion for singing and playing coffee house favorites since 1999, he also has a passion for avocado farming. Mraz Family Farms has been a longstanding avocado supplier for Chipotle restaurants, according to a release from the restaurant.

Mraz became an orchard owner in 2004 and has since became the avocado dealer for multiple vendors including Chipotle. The farm also grows passion fruit and their own organic coffee.